Walter van Harssel 
Food Professional for direct results

Organic Growth

6 Steps to Organic Growth

1.) Want = Commitment to Growth                                                                            

First of all, acknowledge that education and training is necessary for Internal Growth. Everyone throughout the whole organization has to pronounce their commitment  that they are willing to participate “it’s not a question”.

2.) Standardize = Standard Operational Procedure                                                                                   

Built Education and training around standards. These standards are  the basis on which knowledge is shared throughout the organization. :

-         It’s one page or screen!  “if it takes more then we don’t know where your taking about”

-         It’s gives answers to a question or problem! “keep it simple”

-         It’s understandable and readable! “use  plain language it’s not rocket science”

-         It’s accessible for everyone! “if we share knowledge, everyone benefits”

3.) Educate  = Sharing Knowledge

Processes are carried through all parts of the organization on behalf of the customer so we are able to meet the customer expectation and requirements . These are build up in Critical, Important and Not important tasks. The first two have to be known and  visible by executive and supervisors so they are able to monitor  critical process steps and perform tasks in order of importance.

4.) Train = Good Leadership

Build a competency overview on department and individual level to exploit optimal use of current knowledge and  to insight in our weaknesses. Then we can give support, attention and guidance through training  and create an learning environment, where organic growth is just a matter of time. “the choice is yours”!

5.) Guide = Support

Through daily practice it becomes clear whether all departments and employees are well informed, facilitated, educated and trained to perform according to customer requirements. Above all we are obligated to our customers they depend on our performance,  therefor support those who need additional guidance, training or education it enables us to ensure customer needs.

6.) Improve = Learning from mistakes

Successful organization  distinguish themselves by the way they handle deviations, “By learning”! There are two essential questions:

-         Is there a standard?

-         Do you know the standards?