Walter van Harssel 
Food Professional for direct results

Operations Performance Management

Walter van Harssel is a specialist in designing and optimizing processes. Sometimes existing processes need to be more efficient, sometimes they need to be redesigned. In both cases an experienced manager is required. Walter van Harssel reduces lead time, reduces costs and improves product quality. Thorough and with extremely practical knowledge we make processes more efficient and productive.

Theories about lean, bottleneck analyzes, ToC, system and sync variations are quickly and practically implemented. Your employee will have insight into waiting times, quality issues and the bottle necks in your factory. Engage employees to work with new methods without complicating.

-         Recognize quality issues and process deviations

-         Create support

-         Simplify and make systems easier

-         Leadership

-         Analytical skills

Do not complicate or top down instructions, just by looking up the people, deploying their craftsmanship and applying the specifications. Processes are linked together, which means that the whole process must be better and not a part.

What can you expect::

-         The production methods that he develops are extremely reliable.

-         These methods will be linked to your business strategy and goals.

-         He is able to coach and develop the middle management.

-         Enhance the operational staff on the basis of subject content.

-         Results are realized immediately.

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